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So… A Famous Person Died Today

He blames YOU.

So… Steve Jobs died today.

I didn’t know him.

I didn’t admire him.

And most of what I know of him I learned from a TV special called Pirates of Silicon Valley starring that one guy from E.R. and the nerdy blond kid from Weird Science.

That's one helluva' racy font for such a nerdy movie...

Even so, I’ve owned 1-2 of his products over the years, he seemed like a cool guy, and he was only 56 years old, so yes; even for someone like me who has virtually no attachment to his brand or legacy, it does indeed suck that he’s dead.

That being said, in light of said suckiness, I figured I’d share with you all a clever (and sadly, still relevant) sketch that always brought a smile to my face with it’s goofy depiction of a megalomaniacal Steve Jobs:

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