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New Year, New Project

You may have noticed I haven’t been doing a whole lot of writing over the past several weeks.

Well, this is me taking a moment to explain why.

In the past several months, a lot of my friends have made the bold decision to bet on themselves, and start work on projects that could potentially effect their future, financial or otherwise; for the better.

Maybe it’s due to the lack of job availability, or maybe it’s because of our generation’s over-acceptance of the term “artist” being a viable career path, but for whatever reason; now seems to be the time for 20-somethings to get their rear in gear and do something stupid…… For the future.

That being said, much like when every kid in town gets a new bike, and you’re still walking like a chump, I felt obligated to try and make a project for myself.

Hell, it’s not like I have a job to get in the way or anything, right?

Several months ago, my buddy Mencius suggested I do a video project with an old friend of ours.

While at the time the actual nature of the project was very vague, more recently I’ve begun fleshing it out, both on paper and in my mind.

Not only that, in the past several weeks I’ve also invested a decent amount of time and money in acquiring most of the equipment necessary to film said project.

Remember that Canon I bought awhile back?

Well, I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that, no, I didn’t buy it just so I could make retarded videos of my face wobbling in slow-motion.

Anyway, the video project that I have in mind would be a 2-man show about videogames, more specifically the differences between the tastes and perspectives of a more retro-oriented, lifelong gamer such as myself, and my friend who’s an ultra-passionate gamer that actually works in the industry, but who’s first console was an N64.

Each episode of the show would involve one of us introducing a game that we’re passionate about, and having the other person play it for about an hour.

During the play session, the non-player will provide commentary and background on the events of the playthrough, as well as the actual history of the game.

In this area, I intend to do quite a bit of research, as nothing grinds my gears worse than boring commentary and misinformation.

The real kicker is, in each case we’ll be working with games that at least one of us, namely the player, has never played before.

In my mind, this will lead to some fun gameplay mishaps, as well as some brutally honest and genuine opinions during the back-and-forth wrap-up commentary.

Nothing’s more entertaining than watching 2 dorks vehemently struggle to defend their viewpoint.

It’s funny, long before the project had any sort of legs under it, my buddy Mencius came up with the title “The Badger and The Beard,” with me of course being The Badger, and my bearded friend being, well, The Beard.

It stuck in our minds almost instantly, and to this day I can think of no better title.

The graphic above represents the first image produced for this project as of now, and while I’m not sure how permanent it will remain, for now it’s the official Badger and The Beard banner.

That being said, don’t be surprised if there aren’t any “real” posts on here or awhile, as I’ll be working on Badger and Beard stuff for the foreseeable future.

Wish me luck!

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