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So… A Famous Person Died Today

He blames YOU.

So… Steve Jobs died today.

I didn’t know him.

I didn’t admire him.

And most of what I know of him I learned from a TV special called Pirates of Silicon Valley starring that one guy from E.R. and the nerdy blond kid from Weird Science.

That's one helluva' racy font for such a nerdy movie...

Even so, I’ve owned 1-2 of his products over the years, he seemed like a cool guy, and he was only 56 years old, so yes; even for someone like me who has virtually no attachment to his brand or legacy, it does indeed suck that he’s dead.

That being said, in light of said suckiness, I figured I’d share with you all a clever (and sadly, still relevant) sketch that always brought a smile to my face with it’s goofy depiction of a megalomaniacal Steve Jobs:

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Azn Badger’s Computer(s) = FUBAR

The sequence above comes from the (slightly) under-appreciated cop flick, Nighthawks.

In scrounging through the recesses of my movie reference laden memories for a clip that could summarize my feelings at this moment, I could find no better example than Sylvester Stallone belching out savage/manly utterances while cradling an injured Billy Dee Williams.

Seriously man, it’s a Billy Dee/Stallone tag team; definitely worth you’re while.

Lando/Rocky awesomeness aside, I’ve had 2 computers turn into bricks in as many days, and believe me; I’m none too happy about it.

Anyway, even though I’m aware my computers are not people; and therefore bear me no ill will, rest assured, the phrases

“I’m gonna’ kill that sonofabitch!”



were thrown around in reference to them in the past 48 hours.

That being said, after so many “technical difficulties” posts; I’m guessing it was about time I looked into a new computer anyway.

See you tomorrow, but don’t expect anything special for awhile; mom and pop’s computer is really fuckin’ slow…

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