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What About the Lysine Contingency…?


Pictured: The Azn Badger in Portland.

Hello, and welcome to my blog!  My name is Trevor and I am a 23 year old, recently unemployed, half-Japanese dork-sandwich.

My interests could be considered eclectic, but not in that hipster-ish “holier than thou” sort of way.  I’ve never gone out of my way to seek out obscure crap to get into, goofy shit just sort of finds me.

In a nutshell, I’m all about retro video games, boxing, old school pro-wrestling, comic books, kung fu and Godzilla movies.

If you’re looking for inflammatory political jingoism, or bullshit cynical rants about a coked out, nuclear charged Michael Bay fucking the brains of today’s youth with a  flood of his rubbish movies, well, you probably won’t find it here.

To me, this blog stands as a venue and a beacon of inspiration to provide me a means to explore my passions and find ways for me to appreciate them further.  Anyway, that’s the gist of it, hopefully fun times are just over the horizon!

4 Responses

  1. sascha says:

    somehow found this, lol’d for an hour while i should have been gathering info for work. thank you Azn Badger.

  2. Your site is professional, informative, and very humorous. Of course it helps that we have very similar interests. Even though you haven’t done anything for quite some time, keep up the good work.

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