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A Nightmare On Elm Street Death Reel

Should’ve figured Freddy’s death reel would end up almost 3 minutes shorter than Jason’s.

I suppose it doesn’t help that the Nightmare on Elm Street series has 3 fewer movies (including the reboots) than Friday the 13th.

Oh well, that doesn’t stop me from liking the Nightmare movies more overall.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s tons of fun watching a hockey mask-ed juggernaut tear his way through non-descript teenage delinquents, but I’ve always found the Nightmare movies’ special effects and more thoughtful structure to be more in line with my slasher movie sensibilities.

As is the case with virtually anything, quality counts more than quantity.

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5 Responses

  1. Kevin Matteson says:

    Yeah freddy’s kills were so much more creative and not to mention hilarious with all the puns he would add.

  2. aznbadger says:

    “Nice hearin’ from yah’, Carlos!” So cheesy, yet somehow still awesome.

    • Kevin Matteson says:

      Thats why I dont understand why they are rebooting it. Nobody will be able to portray Freddy as well as Robert Englund did he brought a uniqueness to the character

      • aznbadger says:

        I’m pretty sure that’s what everyone aside from the producers of the movie thought. There’s a reason Englund played Freddy in EVERY movie, because at the end of the day, he WAS Freddy. I saw the reboot with Jackie Earle Haley AKA Rorshach from Watchmen, and it’s utter shit. It’s hard to believe, but the dream sequences and effects are painfully unimaginative and actually less convincing then most of the movies that came before.

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