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And Now, Chuck Norris Morphing Into A Bear.

I know you’ve all probably seen this before, but I had nothing to write about so I figured I’d post it.

Y’know, for kicks.

Anyway, the clip above comes from the movie, Forest Warrior, a kid friendly piece of shit that, unlike The Octagon; I have no desire to see outside of clip form.

I honestly don’t know what’s funnier about this clip, Chuck’s vaguely Smokey-like “bear voice,” or the dude’s bizarre reaction to it.

I’ve never seen a bear in the wild, nor have I ever witnessed Chuck Norris turn into said woodland beast, but in all honesty I’m pretty sure, “Whooo-AHHHHH!!! Whoooo-Ah-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!!! WHOOOOOAAAAAUHHGH!!!!” wouldn’t be the first vocalization to come to my mind.

Knowing me, I’d probably say something dumb and obvious like:

“Now THAT’S a bear!”

Now that I think about it, it probably wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to have an epitaph that read¬†“Whooo-AHHHHH!!! Whoooo-Ah-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!!! WHOOOOOAAAAAUHHGH!!!!”

Anyway, thanks to The Great Hawaiian of Inspiration for showing this clip a few years back!

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And Now, Chuck Norris Ruminating On The Existence Of Ninjas.

My friend showed me this awhile back.

Something about Chuck’s¬†oddly casual manner, and curiously spooky inner monologue in this scene tickles me in just the right way.

Seriously man, who the fuck talks to themself in suspenseful hushed tones?

Isn’t that something one generally does only in the presence of M. Night Shyamalan?

Apparently it’s a clip from a film called The Octagon, a shitty movie that I’ve unfortunately never seen; but certainly hope to in the near future.

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