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Remember When Kane Took His Mask Off And Ruined His Character?

Kane was never one of my favorites in the WWF.

In terms of overall ability, he’s notable in the sense that he’s one of the very few wrestlers of his size with decent speed and technical ability.

Not only that, his size and strength made him untouchable against anything but the absolute top tier of the talent in the organization; making him a rare title holder, but one that was almost always in title contention throughout his career.

Despite this, the man has never been all that capable on the mic, making his role as a monstrous masked mute one that largely played to his strengths.

I never really liked Kane in his masked persona, however I respected the role he occupied.

Wrestling, and indeed most things, always benefits from having a big guy that doesn’t talk and puts people away.

Like faces and heels, big monsters are just something wrestling always has a need for.

In addition to the anonymity and menace provided by the mask though, Kane also benefited from being able to be portrayed as a sympathetic figure.

I can recall several storylines wherein Kane was tricked or betrayed by the few that he could call friends, leading to instances where one could actually feel sorry for the big red retard.

Once Kane lost the mask, despite gaining a face; in my eyes he lost a great deal of personality.

The old Kane was supposed to be dark and disturbed by nature.

The new Kane liked to wear goofy contact lenses and tell the audience how dark and disturbed he was through10 minute mic performances.

... And shitty horror films.

Needless to say, the new Kane still had a great deal of physical ability, however his bald head and poor mic skills made him far less intriguing as a character, and more than a little obnoxious at times.

To this day, I still look at Kane as being kind of lame, however whatever interest or respect I might of had for him in my youth largely dissipated the moment he took his damn mask off.

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