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Large Marge Is Scary Lookin’.

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure:

A fun-ass movie, with a kick-ass soundtrack, filled with bizarre, and borderline terrifying characters.

While Large Marge’s stop-motion animated visage was kind of scary to me back in the day, by far the weirdest/creepiest character I can recall is Francis Buxton, the fat/rich-ass man child:

Hide your kids, and hide your wife....

I remember seeing the same actor play pretty much the same character (though dialed down a notch or 2…) in Leprechaun, and I was weirded out by him then too.

Something about his pale complexion and red lips, combined with his doughy and highly malleable facial expressions just makes me…. uncomfortable.

Seriously, I like Tim Burton, I like him a lot, but I’ll never forgive him for having Francis do a scene with his shirt off… In a pool:

Pee Wee Herman: Anti-Fat Body Activist

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