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Yet Another Shitty Book Cover

Maybe it’s just me, but this cover just gives me the giggles.

Something about the absurd juxtaposition of a black male model (admittedly, my own assumption) stomping down an alleyway brandishing a broadsword and donning a goddamn crown; just seems silly to me.

In many ways, the Chuck Taylor’s are kind of the icing on the cake in terms of the silly little details of this cover.

The really weird part about this cover, is the fact that, from a purely technical standpoint; it’s actually not all that bad.

The coloring and blending of the various elements is done well enough, largely banking off of the oh-so-infamous Michael Bay technique of “oranges and blues.”

The model’s pose is striking and suits the layout well enough.

Really, it’s the core premise of the African American, sword and revolver wielding “Street King” that ruins what, in many ways; could have been a surprisingly decent cover.

Let that be a lesson to all you potential authors:


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