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“The Fight Of Their Lives”

If you’ve got an hour to kill, “The Fight of Their Lives” is a boxing documentary you might want to check out.

The film concerns the 1995 meeting of Nigel Benn, who basically thought to be on his way out at that point in his career, and up-and-comer Gerald McClellan.

While I’m well versed in the career of Nigel Benn, truth be told I found it fascinating to get a closer look at the career McClellan, a fighter that I knew little of outside of his fate during the Benn fight.

As much as I’d like to write a little something about this documentary, in all honesty I feel it’s probably best I just shut up and let the movie do it’s job.

That being said, if you’re interested at all in real-life boxing history/drama, this one comes highly recommended.

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