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Waffle Window FTW

Let it be known, the Azn Badger loves him some waffles.

Whether it be waffles or pancakes, if the word “batter” is used in reference to it’s construction, and it’s fried with a pan; you can bet I’ll like it.

Despite this, for whatever reason I really haven’t had that many opportunities to eat me some waffles; in a restaurant or at home.

I can’t say when it’ll happen, but rest assured; I’ll have me some chicken and waffles someday, and that day will be GLORIOUS.

That being said, today I want to tell you about an awesome waffle spot I ran across during my short trip to Portland called The Waffle Window.

The real charm of The Waffle Window (besides the tasty waffles) lies in the fact that it really is exactly what it’s name implies; a waffle place operating out of a windowsill:

Waffles? Window? FUCK YES!

For whatever reason, I found the idea of a waffle joint catering to the walking crowd, the passerby customers; to be quite appealing.

As it so happens, my friends and I ran across The Waffle Window as we were touring the Hawthorne area; and I must say, it felt very nice to sit down for a quick waffle pit stop.

I myself ended up getting a Nutella and banana waffle, and was thoroughly satisfied.

Believe it or not, it was better than it looked...

During the few days I spent in Portland, I’m pretty sure The Waffle Window was the highlight of my trip.

Yeah I know, I’m boring like that…

Anyway, I’m no food critic, so I think I’m gonna’ cut this short and just say, I really fuckin’ liked The Waffle Window.

Check it out if you’re in the Hawthorne area of Portland.

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Let’s Play Contra III: The Alien Wars, Part V

Let it be known folks, I hate stage 5 of Contra III.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this game; but stage 5 can eat a dick.


And not in the fun way mind you...


It can put a penis in it’s mouth, chew it to shit, and swallow for all I care, ’cause stage 5 is a sack of fuck-sauce that I’d prefer not to touch with a 10 foot pole.

That being said, I had a little meltdown (or 12) during the recording of this video, so please excuse the harshness of my words.

Enjoy watching, knowing full well how much I was forced to suffer to produce it:

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