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Let’s Play Contra III: The Alien Wars, Part V

Let it be known folks, I hate stage 5 of Contra III.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this game; but stage 5 can eat a dick.


And not in the fun way mind you...


It can put a penis in it’s mouth, chew it to shit, and swallow for all I care, ’cause stage 5 is a sack of fuck-sauce that I’d prefer not to touch with a 10 foot pole.

That being said, I had a little meltdown (or 12) during the recording of this video, so please excuse the harshness of my words.

Enjoy watching, knowing full well how much I was forced to suffer to produce it:

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Let’s Play Contra III: The Alien Wars, Part I

Welcome folks, to my first Let’s Play video of a non-NES game!

Being as my first (attempted) Let’s Play video was of the original Contra on the NES, I figured it would wholly appropriate for me to take on another game in the series.

More specifically Contra III: The Alien Wars, my favorite in the series; a game that I just happen to be pretty good at.

Okay fine, the real reason I’m doing this is to make up for my total failure at the original Contra…

Anyway, enjoy watching me not fail!:

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