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What About the Lysine Contingency…?


I ask you, have you ever seen a birthday cake as awesome as this?

That’s right, didn’t think so.

This was a belated birthday gift, made for me by my brother’s girlfriend.

I know, weird, right?

I betcha’ if I had a girlfriend of my own, she probably wouldn’t have taken the time to do something this awesome for my birthday.

If you feel yourself overwhelmed with intense feelings of jealously, don’t worry; such a reaction is expected when dealing with handmade Jurassic Park cakes.

Anyway, I’m kind of wiped from wandering around the Folk Life Festival/running in the fountain at the Seattle Center.

Check back tomorrow for a real article, or failing that; another stupid clip of a pro-wrestler falling on his head/flubbing his lines!

Oh well, no reason we can’t do some of that today as well:

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And Now, The Azn Badger Wearing A Space Helmet

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Yes, I know I’m an idiot.

It’s my brother’s birthday today, so sorry; too busy eating cake and celebrating to make a legitimate post.

Check back tomorrow when I’ll actually, y’know; try.

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Donnie Yen Says Be A Dude And Help The Japanese

The picture above comes from, a wonderful Chinese film review site.

I wish I could take credit for it’s awesomeness, I really do; but no, I just found it and “borrowed” it for today’s post.

Anyway, this is me doing my duty as a (half) Japanese and saying “Do what Donnie Yen says, or he’ll find your ass and tear it up.”

I’ve personally taken it upon myself to donate a bit of money, as well as quite a lot of clothing and toys for the orphaned kids over there; so at the very least, even if you don’t have the guilt of the Japanese being “YOUR PEOPLE” hanging over you like I do, I encourage you to please give a little something if you’re at all able.

Anyway, it’s mom’s birthday today; so I’m gonna’ get back to bein’ a good boy.

Well, that and stuff my face full of mochi.

Don’t make Donnie Yen have to come find you…


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Yo Frankie, Happy Birthday.

The Azn Badger would like to take this opportunity to wish a happy birthday to the uncannily pitch-perfect  apex of pimp, Frank Sinatra; who would have been 95 years old today and still able to bag more tail in a night than Charlie Sheen could hope to in a lifetime.

You’ve brought joy to no less than 3 generations of my family’s lineage, and for that you deserve a special post on this blog all to yourself.

Thanks Frankie, and happy birthday.

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