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The Top 10 Videogame Songs, #10

Well fuck my nuggets, I guess we’re doing another Top 10 list!

This time around we’re going to be taking a look at the Top 10 Best Videogame Songs.

That’s right, we went from celebrating the MANLIEST MAN moments in all of film history, to exploring the depths of pussy-dom in search of the best songs in videogames.

Anyway, part of the fun that comes with crafting a list like this, is the fact that songs are not only somewhat rare in videogames; but also the product of fairly recent technological developments.

That is to say, crafting this list was made much easier by the fact that there really weren’t all that many songs to choose from, and virtually all of them were made within my lifetime.

On that note, I feel I should mention that I’m not much of an RPG gamer, so if you don’t see your favorite pussy-ass JRPG mentioned here; I have this to say to you:

Fuck you, it’s my list.

That being said, let’s get on with naming #10 on our list!:

#10. Devil May Cry 4 – The Time Has Come/Shall Never Surrender

This one just barely made it on the list.

I’m a pretty big fan of (the second half of) the Devil May Cry series and it’s fast-paced gameplay, though to be totally honest; neither it’s aesthetic nor music have ever really been my cup of tea.

Gothic architecture and obscene amounts of leather wear aren’t really my thing, and while retarded power metal is something I actually enjoy from time to time; the style of death metal that populates most the Devil May Cry games is one I usually find kind of annoying.

Which brings me to why this track made the list.

The first half of this track, the “The Time Has Come” portion of it; is played during nearly every standard battle sequence of the game.

Using a single track for battle music is standard practice in Devil May Cry games, however the one used in Devil May Cry 4 was the only one that I genuinely began to like at some point.

Admittedly, the battle theme in Devil May Cry 3 also grew on me, however not to the extent that I actually grew to happily anticipate it’s appearances in-game.

Give the theme from 3 a listen, see what you think:

Possessing much “cleaner” lyrics, and an overall less overblown and grating sound, the battle theme in Devil May Cry 4 is indeed quite good by my standards; however it’s second half, “Shall Never Surrender” is also worth mentioning as well.

Serving as the core theme of the game, “Shall Never Surrender” is a melodic song with cryptic lyrics that are typical of Japanese productions, however the simplicity of the tune does much to strengthen it’s appeal.

The song is definitely not for everyone, but I found that the strength of the music bolstered by the pure sound of the lyrics when separated from their bullshit meaning, actually made it legitimately powerful in context.

On that note, being as my taste in music tends to favor the energetic, I make no bones about the fact that I much prefer the first half of the song to second.

Anyway, this one made the list largely on the grounds that it made a fan out of me despite my first impression being less than favorable.

Check back tomorrow for #9!

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