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SOUL of the Tiger

“Soul of the Tiger: Searching for Nature’s Answers in Southeast Asia.”

I have never read this book, nor do I see myself ever being inclined to do so; however there’s one aspect of it’s cover that managed to catch my eye as I passed by it earlier today.

It wasn’t the tiger at the bottom, nor the subject matter highlighted by the title of the book; rather it was the face of the mustachioed macho-man the top half of the cover that peaked my interest.

You see, while the average book shopper may not have noticed, my trained eyes; the eyes of an Attitude Era wrestling fan, took heed of the Magic Eye-esque image embedded in the cover of “Soul of the Tiger.”

Still can’t see it?

Here, let me help you out:

Ladies and Gentleman - The Rock.

The resemblance is uncanny…


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