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So… Youtube Looks Like Crap Now.

Pictured: The "new" youtube.

A funny thing happened today.

As I was rummaging around Youtube in search of potential clips to use on this blog, I noticed that the interface and iconography of the site had changed.

Not only that, they changed A LOT.

Seriously man, I don’t know if it’s just me and my extraordinarily inflexible ways, but I took one look at the new landing page and said to myself:

“Goddamnit, now I have no fuckin’ clue where anything is.”

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I don’t have much of a beef with the new layout… Other than the fact that it seems extremely Hulu-esque:

Pictured: An example of the Hulu interface.

Even so, the whole thing is very clean and decidedly “web 2.0” in nature, however it’s hard not to look at the landing page and feel it’s more than a little too cluttered.

Such is the nature of the “look at me/my shit matters” age of social networking.

In the eyes of one such as myself, who has been fortunate to have witnessed the rapid evolution of the internet since the early 90’s, design such as this seems loud and oversaturated with content.

To someone who fucks around with their Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Southpark Studios, and World of Warcraft accounts all at the same fuckin’ time though, I’d imagine the new Youtube layout seems plain and/or simple.

Like I said, honestly, I’ve not problem with the new design scheme.

Mostly I’m just upset that the new landing page seems to feed me nothing but “trending” shit and sponsored videos.

I’ve always liked Youtube’s recommended videos on their landing page, but as of now, I’ve yet to find that feature in the layout.

All I see is a recommended topics section, and from what I can tell, using said feature requires visiting individual pages dedicated to extremely broad search topics, resulting in more results being yielded, but with less relevance overall.

Again, having 200 loosely relevant videos shoveled onto your plate might do it for some people, but personally, but not me.

As in most cases when familiar things are given major overhauls, my negative opinion of this new layout will likely pass with time.

I can remember feeling uneasy behind the controls of basically every single game in the Fight Night franchise, and yet with every successive release, I find myself acclimating to the mechanics to the point of being unable to go back to the previous iterations of the game.

My greatest hope this will end up being the case with the new Youtube, as recently I’ve had a pretty good system going for mining the site for blog worthy content.

For now though, I’m about 5 minutes from pulling one of these:

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9 Responses

  1. Sean Parker says:

    Man, I know what you mean. I always get a little knee-jerky when things change, but there’s a lot to the new YouTube that really doesn’t seem like a step forward… from the super cluttered main page to the now emptier-looking layout when watching a video (and did they double the negative space between comments?). Maybe I’ll get used to it, but boy is it bland. I don’t think I’d like to get used to bland…

  2. nigee says:

    you know i got used to the way it looks now thay have to go and chage i have to get used to it all over again.

  3. Jay says:

    I have unsubscribed from every channel I was on, around 60, as it is pointless having them now It is truly awful and I have no interest in in stressing myself out with, what is, a total piece of shit. They say all good things come to an end and I just always thought that such a solid page, as what youtube was, would never go to far wrong, nice of google to ruining that for us, if I was an advertiser paying google I would be livid. I have even got so pissed with it that I am no longer using google as my search engine and have removed chrome, even though I never use it. Funny I stopped using facebook about 8 months ago when that got shit and do not return so seeing it boxed on youtube was a sure sign of death for me. Anyway a new video channel will fill the void and offer a different perspective in good time.

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