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What About the Lysine Contingency…?

And Now, Watson Doing The Jason Voorhees Teleportation Tango

So, I found this clip from Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis awhile back.

From what I can tell, the thing has become quite well known across the vast expanse of the internet since then.

Regardless of whether you’ve seen it or not, I thought this was amusing, and I was feeling kind of nostalgic.


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5 Responses

  1. Sean Parker says:

    Ha ha! I actually started playing this series several months ago. Haven’t gotten to this particular game yet, but once I do I’m totally trying that out.

    • aznbadger says:

      How are they? I actually don’t know a damn thing about the history of Sherlock Holmes games, so I’d be curious to know. Man, I haven’t played a mystery/adventure in forever…

      • Sean Parker says:

        The first one is a hilariously bad example of game design, and almost worth playing just for the fun of it. The second is a decent step up, and the third seems alright but I’ve really only played an hour or so of it. I guess I got too busy with projects and other things to get wrapped up in games that aren’t “must plays.” Heck, as it is, I’ve been ignoring all the must-plays for a while, too…

      • aznbadger says:

        Probably for the best. So many big games have been coming out lately that it’s basically impossible to give any one of them the attention they deserve. Better to spend you’re time working while there’s work to be done. By the way, my parents really liked your “Meeting the In-laws” video. I’m sure my dad’s introduced himself to more than a few guests in that way…

      • Sean Parker says:

        Ha ha, glad to hear it.

        I definitely agree that there’s simply too many games coming out to appreciate all the ones of interest. Now, if more games were cheaper and not filled with quite so much time-filler in between the worthwhile bits, the situation could change…

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