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What About the Lysine Contingency…?

Remember When Stone Cold Started Saying “What?”

It’s funny, as much as I’ve loved watching the WWF over the years, particularly in my youth; I can actually pinpoint a few fairly specific elements/events that lead to me completely turning my back on wrestling for nearly a decade.

First and foremost, was the general dearth of quality talent in the mid-2000’s.

Both The Rock and Austin had just left the company, and while guys like Chris Jericho, Triple H, Kurt Angle, and, *sigh* Brock Lesnar did what they could to carry the torch, the void left by the 2 legends was just too damn big.

Moreover, by this point the WCW and ECW guys had fully integrated into the roster by this point, resulting in much of the hype and mystique surrounding some of them giving way to the reality of their somewhat eroded in-ring ability.

In short, when the big 2 left, I stopped tuning in for the whole show, instead checking in just to catch the main events from week to week.

Next, was the fact that the quality of the storylines were beginning to flounder at times with atrocious bullshit like the “Katie Vick Incident” becoming increasingly commonplace.

It’s a long story, but in case you’re wondering, the “Katie Vick” storyline involved Kane accidentally killing his girlfriend in a car crash years back, resulting in Triple H mocking her memory by… Dressing up like Kane and fucking a mannequin:

Like I said, long fuckin’ story.

Not worth going into.

Finally, and I might be alone on this one, I feel like the nail in the coffin for my relationship with wrestling in the early 2000’s just might have been Stone Cold’s adoption of “What?” as his new catchphrase.

Listening to Stone Cold, be reduced to a mic toting clown and stumble his way through his promos every week, shouting “WHAT?” at random intervals, was more than a little annoying.

Truth be told, I was never really a diehard Stone Cold fan, largley because he often feuded with The Rock; who I actually was a diehard fan of.

I always “liked” Austin, but he was always 2nd or 3rd banana to The Rock in my book.

That being said, Austin’s “What?” catchphrase was absolutely maddening to behold.

Not only was he not nearly as funny as I think he was expected to be, but to hear the crowd shout “What?” at every pause, in every promo, often times out of synch with the man himself, or worse yet; during promos that he was neither a part of nor mentioned in, was one of the most annoying weekly occurrences I can recall in wrestling.

Well, outside of watching X-Pac do his Bronco Buster twice a fuckin’ night…

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13 Responses

  1. workmancer says:

    Oh I remember all too well when Austin started saying What? to Earl Hebner. That’s a decade old now. I think whenever the fans start saying it, that means they’re bored and want interactivity.

    • aznbadger says:

      Yeah, same goes for the Kurt Angle “You Suck” chant. I can’t help but laugh whenever they do the battling chants, and all the high-pitched kid’s voices yell “Cena!” and all the deep voiced MEN yell the name of whoever he’s wrestling.

      • workmancer says:

        Ever watch TNA wrestling where they start chanting this is awesome over a simple suplex? Fans are bored so they do what they want. They’ll go against the grain. I think that’s how old ECW got to where they were… because they’d go against the grain.

      • aznbadger says:

        Yeah, the “This is awesome/wrestling” chant was hilarious… In a sad kind of way.

  2. workmancer says:

    There’s a new upstart wrestling company in Los Angeles made by a guy who worked as a Fox movie exec for years…. well this company hired extras to be in the crowd and chant things. Boo. Cheer. Stuff like that.

    • aznbadger says:

      That’s just plain sad. Despite how much I loved the WWF, (I’ll never call it anything else) it really sucks that its grown beyond the industry. WCW was a godsend to the WWF, but now it seems like the talent is dead in the water unless they can somehow snag a golden ticket to the WWF locker room.

      • workmancer says:

        I think wrestling is temporarily dying with the rise of MMA and the fact that WWE and TNA feel like they’re saying we don’t need your money we have enough of our own. Stop watching our show you loser.

        I have a little theory that if there were more little leagues. Local wrestling leagues with like 12 guys and if each state had a minimum of 3 local leagues we’d see a saturation of workers and we’d see another solid #2 company that could steal stars from WWE.

        Ten years ago here in Chicago there were 3 companies I could think of here locally. Now all 3 are dead and we have Shimmer… which is unique unto itself and 2 hours away is the nearest local promotion. ROH isn’t local even if they tour here.

        Its just a sign of the industry.

      • aznbadger says:

        McMahon’s always been lookin to distance the WWF brand from the actual wrestling aspect of the industry, but ever since the target audience reverted back to the merch’ buying kids, I lost a lot of respect for the whole thing. It’s one thing to “PG” the hell out of your product to sell tickets, but when you start calling the talent “superstars” instead of wrestlers, and refer to the fans as “the WWF universe,” I’d say things have gone too far. I look at the WWF as the whores of their industry, much in the same way Marvel is to the world of comics. Like you said, the organization has become WAY too big, to the point in which their in the business of making money more so than putting on good shows. While I’d love to see mainstream wrestling become more about the in-ring product, I think you’re right about MMA holding it back. The combat styles employed in MMA educate the kids, and basically spells it out to them that pro-wrestling is fake. Wrestling was magical for a lot of us, including myself, because for a time, I thought it was real. Stupid MMA, killing both wrestling AND boxing…

  3. workmancer says:

    Yep he has wanted to distance himself… because wrestling is looked down upon but he has only himself to blame with the steroid scandal he admit wrestling is entertainment with pre planned finishes and not a sport. Which it is entertainment > sport. In the same way that ballet = entertainment > sport.

    The PG thing is a double bonus… 1 Linda McMahon runs for senate… 2 Kids love WWE. Big bold superheroes, and kids don’t read spoilers on the net… even if their older brothers do. Plus being family friendly means you buy 4 tickets instead of just 1.

    So with the universe… nope you’re not a fanatic of the WWE, you’re the universe. What’s so bad about being a fan? Can’t you be a fan of baseball? Uggg… well I think the WWE Universe is just a way to plug WWE’s own social media site.

    Oh and it would be good if WWE aknowledges the continuity in their universe for more than 3 weeks.

    As for becoming too big… that’s why they do really need Smackdown and RAW as different shows. They should not mention one another or aknowledge one another. Smackdown CLEARLY LOST. But that’s why the WWE needs to boost Smackdown ticket sales by putting Cena over there. If Cena is such a big draw well then he will bump Smackdown ratings from a 2.1 to a 3.1. But the ratings are probably low because its on Sy Fy.

    MMA will always destroy wrestling unless there is some giant scandal in MMA that comes out and says we have preplanned finishes.

    Every gym now seems to have MMA training. I can name 3 MMA promotions in my area off the top of my head. MMA = the new Nascar. Nascar = the new wrestling.

    • aznbadger says:

      That’s one brilliant fuckin’ analogy. By the way, I’m really enjoying this little back and forth we’ve got goin’. Makes me glad to hear I’m not alone when it comes to my thoughts regarding the current state of the WWF. That being said, you don’t want to get me started on MMA, more specifically the UFC. It’s one of the most impeccably totalitarian organizations in sports out there, but moreover, I really hate the image it’s crafted for itself. If ever there was an organization that catered to meatheaded, tattooed thugs with severe emotional/daddy issues, it’d have to be the UFC. At least that’s what I see anyway…

      • aznbadger says:

        Thanks for yet another brilliant comment. Listen, if you ever have any articles or musings, especially about wrestling, that you’d like to post or re-post on my blog; just say the word and it’s done.

  4. workmancer says:

    There are a ton of fans that are really dissatasfied with everything currently especially when Punk seemed to say everything people want to say…. but then he signed a new contract and the WWE is doing everything they can to water him down and derail him. Kind of like he got more popular than his paygrade so they need to make him a non issue. They need to make him what ever happened to….

    I’ve been a wrestling fan 20 years but the WWE right now… just isn’t the wrestling I want to watch. I’ve had to put up with a lot of crap over the years but this just really turns me off. Its the HHH show. It was the HHH show before…. but at least he was a wrestler. Now everything revolves around him and he’s working angles with everyone…. maybe that’s good for Royal Rumble when all 30 guys turn on HHH.

    As for the UFC. I think it cators to the man. I know a lot of very intelligent men who would never ever fight or be violent, but it appeals to them. It gets their blood flowing, because 2 no name fighters can have a 5 star match…. but also the big names can have a 1 star fight.

    Oh get a load of this…. I was at Walmart maybe 2 months ago in their DVD section a father tells his son…. okay pick out the WWE DVD you want. The kid looks about 8 – 10. The kid says I want a UFC DVD!!! The dad asks why and the kid says… WWE is for babies WWE is real dad! Kind of like informing his dad as if his dad didn’t know…. Oye.

  5. workmancer says:

    I have a wrestling not blog… but I like to make 3 months of wrestling cards and post them. It makes me feel good to come up with stuff. Most people just come up with an angle for one feud… but I come up with weekly stuff and feuds that last a year.

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