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Attending Midnight Innistrad Release Draft

So, my friend invited me to a Innistrad release party tonight at Greenlake Games.

In case you couldn’t tell, that last sentence was both a “topic” sentence, and a plug for the fantastic local business, Greenlake Games.



There, now they can’t say I never did anything for them…

*ANYWAY* My interest in Magic, as well as my playing ability; doesn’t even amount to what I’d call “casual,” but for whatever reason, I’m going.

That’s right.

I’m going to go hang out with a bunch of uber-dorks at a card shop, at midnight, simply because my friend asked me to.

Though the fact that I’m bored and honestly have nothing else to do probably factors in a little bit too…

That being said, my bowels are presently suffering from some mighty tremors in the Force, so here’s hoping I can manage the brutal task of sitting for several hours without shitting myself.

Fingers crossed for my bowels, and for me not catching uber-dork cooties.

Lord knows my finances probably couldn’t survive supporting both a comic book, and Magic habit…

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