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Remember “The Fingerpoke of Doom?”

Not just the name of perhaps the coolest offensive maneuvers in all of combat, “The Fingerpoke of Doom” also happens to be the nickname for one of wrestling’s defining moments.

While the clip above shows the “poke” aspect of “The Fingerpoke of Doom,” in order to discover the real weight behind the incident; one has to dig a little deeper into history.

“The Fingerpoke of Doom” is remembered as the most visible turning point in the ratings war between WCW and the WWF.

The actual “poke” was meant to serve as a transitional moment in WCW’s NWO/Wolfpac storylines, serving as a symbolic truce between the 2 faction leaders; however the real meat of the incident actually came in the form of an announcement made later on the same broadcast.

Basically, WCW took advantage of a script leak from the WWF, and used this knowledge to try and sabotage the WWF’s rating through revealing the results to a major match ahead of time.

Unfortunately, this ploy ended up blowing up in Ted Turner’s face, as it resulted in a huge number of WCW viewers changing the channel to watch the WWF!

This of course resulted in the steady decline of WCW’s ratings, (and production quality) and ultimately; it’s acquisition by the WWF.

History bullshit aside, “The Fingerpoke of Doom” is a prime example of truly horrendous booking at it’s worst.

More than that though, it’s a really fuckin’ awesome phrase that I feel proud to have command of.

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