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The Top 10 Videogame Songs, #1

A funny thing happened when I was putting together this list of my Top 10 Videogame Songs.

I changed my mind.

You see, I made the banner for this list around the time I came up with the idea for it, long before I even assembled it’s contents.

I selected the opera sequence from Final Fantasy VI for the background of the banner because I knew the song contained in that sequence was going to have a place on the list.

I had no idea what that place was going to be, just that it was going to be in there somewhere.

Color me surprised when that place just happened to be the #1 spot.

I mean, I figured the opera scene would be in my Top 5, or even the Top 3; but truth be told I honestly didn’t know it was going to be #1 until, well, yesterday.

On that note, I apologize for the banner image, as I know it likely ruined some of the surprise by consisting of an image from the #1 game on the list.

It’s not all my fault though, as a few days after I started posting on this topic, I found I kept rearranging the Top 10 as I was went along.

One thing lead to another, and by yesterday, I found I couldn’t without good reason, make this list without putting the opera scene in the top slot.

With that, I give you the #1 of our list of the Top 10 Videogame Songs:

#1. Final Fantasy VI – Aria de Mezzo Carrattere

Before you ask, no; I didn’t pick this one because it has a fancy Italian name.

I’m not a Square/JRPG whore either, so don’t try to call me on that bullshit.

The last Final Fantasy game I played, was VIII, way back in 1999.

Before that though, Final Fantasy VI was, and likely always will be; my favorite in the series.

Hell, if it weren’t for Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI would probably be my favorite console RPG of all time.

Pictured: One of many moments that make Chrono Trigger the SHIT.

Something about the characters, the design aesthetic, and unusual severity of the storyline in VI; just made it special to me.

My love for the game aside, “Aria de Mezzo Carratrere” is a brilliant song, and a gorgeous example of a story-within-a-story.

While the Super NES’ technical limitations made the lyrics of the opera laughably incomprehensible akin to the voice of the teacher from the old Peanuts cartoons, the first time I heard it in-game, it was hard not to be touched.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself…

Simply put, console games didn’t do what the opera scene did at that point in time.

In spite of the technical limitations inherent to the 16-bit era, one could very clearly see and feel the story and emotions that the creators of the game were trying to get across.

It’s like watching a Godzilla movie.

Everybody knows it’s just a guy in a rubber suit, but if you use your imagination, and play along, the artistry and craftsmanship of the miniatures and crappy effects add up to something far grander.

Pictured: ART.

Despite how far games have come, watching little 26 pixel tall sprites bounce around and pantomime their drama for us is something that, when done well; will always “do it” for me.

Anyway, for better or for worse, the opera from Final Fantasy VI is the best of my Top 10 Videogame Songs.

The strength of the lyrics and music, combined with it’s stunning contribution to the fantastic game it played a part in, not only secured it’s place on this list, but managed to (eventually) win me over and propel it all the way to the top spot.

Hopefully you all had fun reading this list.

I certainly had fun writing it, though I only hope that my pick for the #1 spot wasn’t as controversial/surprising to the rest of you as it was for me!


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6 Responses

  1. David says:

    Wow, that is interesting that it got your top spot. I was starting to wonder if maybe the banner was meant to be misleading and didn’t relate to the list. VI and Chrono Trigger were freakin’ awesome games… Ah, now I want to go back and play both again. Too bad I don’t have Chrono Trigger.

    • aznbadger says:

      Thanks for commenting David. I too would love to pick up Chrono Trigger right now, but sadly; I don’t have it either… Shining Force was a Genesis series, right? I never had one of those, so I really didn’t get a chance to play the games all too often. My brother spoke highly of #2, but I didn’t even know there was a third in the series. What made it so special to you?

      • David says:

        Three was for the Saturn actually, and came out at the end of the Saturn’s run so only 1/3 of it ever got translated to English (I own all 3 Japanese parts). I think it’s the team dynamic, actual development for a large roster of characters and genuinely fun gameplay with a deep involved plot that make Shining Force 3 so special to me. That and the tie ins to other Shining Games like Shining the Holy Arc (my second RPG ever).

      • aznbadger says:

        Thanks for the history lesson David. I’ve got a high school buddy with a pretty decent Saturn collection, maybe I’ll see if he has Shining Force.

  2. No, putting FF6 and Chrono Trigger (even if by association) in the number 1 spot was/is the correct thing to do. If you guys are hard up for CT, you can get the DS version of it for dirt cheap right now.

    The music isn’t as rich, some of the dialogue is different and of course the experience is never the same on the smaller screen, but yeah, copies in good condition of the original SNES version can creep up past 150.00. Which is why I have my copy at the end of a laser hallway ala resident evil.

    • aznbadger says:

      Thanks for the reply, David 2! Sadly I don’t own a DS, nor a 3DS, so SNES is really my only option. It’s weird, I actually owned Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana, but both of those games, perhaps the most valuable in my collection, mysteriously disappeared a few years back. Oh well, I feel fortunate to have enjoyed them when I did, as no amount of replaying can measure up to the nostalgia I hold of my first playthrough way back in the day.

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