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“Oh My God, The Quarterback Is Toast!”

I love Die Hard.

To me, it’s one of those special action movies that I don’t ever think I’ll get tired of.

To this day, it’s endured as one of the tightest, and consistently enjoyable action blockbusters of all time; no small feat given that it’s also one of the earliest examples of the genre.

Anyway, like most any movie that the Azn Badger deems “special,” Die Hard is chock full of quotable, or otherwise memorable scenes, with “Oh my God, the quarterback is toast” ranking in as one of the lesser, but otherwise still worthwhile quotable phrases in the film.

For the truly sad, that is; the Die Hard deprived, here is a clip for the sake of providing context:

My reason for starting with this most embarrassing of Die Hard moments, is that I see myself digging from the Die Hard mine for card-worthy material for quite some time, so I figured it would be in my best interest to start from the bottom of the barrel and work my way up.

Trust me, we’ll get to the A-grade Hans material eventually.

Anyway, thanks for takin’ a look!

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One Response

  1. P^2 says:

    You ask for miracles, I give you the F-B-I (non-Keanu FBI agent)

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