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Thoughts On Chris Evans As Captain America

Let’s get one thing straight:

I like Captain America.

I like his “patriotic weakling to walking symbol of hope and freedom” origin story.

I like his old timey way, and how it juxtaposes so well with the often times annoying immature antics of today’s comic superheroes.

I like his powers and abilities, as the range of his physical capabilities allows him to be “super,” while at the same time quite vulnerable.

Hell, as goofy as it can look at times, I even like his costume design.

Well, except for this, the "flag conspicuously pointing at crotch" variant.

When I first heard that Chris Evans was going to be playing Cap in Captain America: The First Avenger movie, my initial reaction was to say:

“Really?  Chris Evans is in another comic book movie?”

Off the top of my head, Chris Evans has been in 4 comic book movies, playing 3 different characters, with no less than 2 more roles down the road if you count the Captain America film in question, and his appearance in the upcoming Avengers film.

Chris Evans has an acting portfolio. At least I think so anyway.

Make no mistake, comic book movies as still very much “in” at the moment, and if anyone is making bank off of the trend, my guess is it would be Mr. Evans.

Now, while that may have been my initial reaction to the Captain America casting news; my honest to God feelings on the matter were lodged somewhere in the valley between confusion and disbelief.

To date, I still can’t understand why he was chosen for the Captain America role.

With the exception of Street Kings, wherein he played a very vanilla and by the book cop; every role I’ve seen Evans in has had him cast as the “funny guy” or failing that, the “funny guy that can set himself on fire.”

Although he was without a doubt the best part of the Fantastic 4 movies, that doesn't mean they weren't pure ass.

Truth be told, I’ve never been disappointed by any of his performances, not that that’s saying much; but the point is:

Unless he’s hiding some well-concealed stoicism or acting range beneath his “funny guy” exterior, he just doesn’t seem like Cap to me.

Captain America is one of those characters that, to me; is more easily represented as a somewhat older man.

While the First Avenger is most likely going to take place exclusively in the WWII era, when Steve Rogers was cutting his teeth on Nazis, for some reason I’ve always pictured Captain America as being one of those guys that’s been a manly man since the cradle.

Kind of like Charles Bronson, James Coburn, or Anthony Hopkins.

Pictured: Charles Bronson at 9 months.

I know It’s unfair of me to judge an actor, or a film for that matter; before it’s even had a trailer, but in my mind the actors that would have best played Captain America have already aged themselves out of the running.

Despite a distinct lack of physicality, I always felt that Robert Redford could’ve made for a very effective Captain America.

His voice, face, hair color, acting ability and God given aura of gravitas would’ve gone a long way towards legitimizing the character and the film.

Not only that, with movies like A River Runs Through It, and The Natural under his belt, he always had that all-American feel to him.

Some people said the same of Kevin Costner.

Said people are of course, utterly retarded and full of shit, as Costner’s just about the most boring and vanilla pile of feces to ever walk the face of the Earth.

Pictured: Feces with a soul patch.

Sadly, “boring as shit” seems to describe far too many young actors these days.

Maybe it’s just because they’re young, and seem to be cast more for their looks than their acting ability, but to me it seems like most of the big-budget blockbuster movie actors these days just seem to lack “character,” at least in a physical sense.

When you look at the actors from back in the day, they had a look to them that lent a lot to their performances.

Not only that, in the post-studio picture era, subtlety was an acting trait that was considered praise worthy among performers, a fact that has not changed since; but seemingly has eluded many of the young actors of today.

..... Y'know, I'm not even gonna' say anything.


I’m rambling.

Anyway, at this point in time, The First Avenger seems like a pretty decent movie on paper.

It has a pretty strong cast, with Hugo Weaving sure to steal the show as The Red Skull, and a competent, if somewhat bipolar director at the helm in the form of Joe Johnston.

If Johnston gives us another Rocketeer or Jumanji, then Captain America’s gonna’ kick some serious ass.

If he gives us another Jurassic Park III though, then I just might have to sit this one out.

In either case, the man has shown considerable zeal for crafting old timey period films, not to mention he has a tremendous visual effects background, so if nothing else; the film will be pretty to look at…

That being said, on a final note, I’d just like to say that I sincerely disapprove of Marvel’s decision to rely on the Ultimate Universe for some of the visual stylings and character interpretations for their current and future films.

I understand that the Ultimate Universe has not been confirmed to be used as direct source material for said films, but from what I’ve seen, that seems to the case.

Maybe it’s because the Ultimate Universe was never targeted at my age group, as it’s intended audience is that of younger, less seasoned comic fans, but honestly I’ve never seen the appeal of it.

I can understand Marvel’s desire to use the black Nick Fury, as Samuel L. Jackson is the bees knees in the eyes of dorky haole kids, but to be perfectly honest; it makes me sad that both the Captain America and Thor movie’s character designs have drawn influence from the Ultimate Universe.

Long story short, Ultimate Thor is okay, but Ultimate Captain America is absolutely hideous in my eyes.

Concept art from the movie. Where's the fuckin' wings!!!??


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12 Responses

  1. Sean Parker says:

    When I first saw that the directors behind October Sky, Jumanji, The Wolfman, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Hidalgo and Jurassic Park III were all the same person, I was pretty shocked myself. And now Captain America… bipolar is right!

    • aznbadger says:

      Foh’ real man, foh’ real… How’s life Mr. Parker?

      • Sean Parker says:

        Oh, bout the same as it’s always been for the past year, non-stop moviemakin’ time. It’s coming to a close though, with the big premiere next week.

      • aznbadger says:

        Good to hear man, here’s hoping everything comes together as well as you hoped. You and Austin are like the beacon of hope in terms of contemporary post-Evergreen success stories that I know of. As long as your moviemaking doesn’t end up driving you insane, or turning you into a George Lucas-esque control freak, I’ll always look forward to seeing what you guys cook up.

  2. Yeah I don’t know. I suppose its a good thing that even having grown up reading and loving Marvel Comics, I don’t place as much stock in these adaptations as I do Batman and more Vertigo type stuff. However, a really good Marvel movie is always a pleasant surprise and gets my juices pumping.

    They definitely could have done better than Chris Evans. Then again, he might break his mold.

  3. codecrackx15 says:

    Check out Mark Valley, he would have been perfect for the part and the same age as Robert Downey Jr. which would have worked for the Avengers movie… Chris Evans however does not.

  4. Eiji Date says:

    I will say that the Danny Boyle flick, “Sunshine” definatley allowed Chris Evans to showcase his acting chops. That being said, I am hard pressed to think of a decent American actor to fill this role… Other than John Cena… Hahahaha

  5. […] my opinions regarding the evolutions of numerous comic book characters, including the likes of Captain America, Spider-Man, Batman, and Venom, and while I’d love to do that for this post, unfortunately I […]

  6. […] my opinions regarding the evolutions of numerous comic book characters, including the likes of Captain America, Spider-Man, Batman, and Venom, and while I’d love to do that for this post, unfortunately I […]

  7. chesseo says:

    Ehh i wasnt too thrilled about chris evans playing this role either but he is a good actor so we will see. Honestly if shia lebouf was bigger i could see it. he is an AMAZING actor. Unfortunately his normal size is about the size of chris’s weak computer generated size. In my opinion the perfect actor to have played this part would easily have been Channing Tatum. he has the whole quiet leader thing which is perfect for Capt.

    • aznbadger says:

      … Are you serious? Channing “The Breakdancing Marine” Tatum couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag. Besides, even from a purely physical standpoint he’s all wrong. Don’t get me wrong, the man’s definitely in shape, but he has what you’d call a swimmer’s build; more flexible and agile than powerful and muscular. I’ve warmed to Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, but I don’t see myself ever being capable of entertaining the notion that Channing Tatum or Shia Le Butt-Fuck as Captain America. Hell, I really can’t stand either of the 2 in virtually every role I’ve seen them in.

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