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Quatro McShane and the Bronco Conspiracy

Quatro McShane and the Bronco Conspiracy

by Duncan R. Funkelton

Quatro McShane, the baddest intergalactic space-trucker in all the Five Systems, is at it again in this action-packed tale of intrigue and mystery!
In this adventure, McShane once again finds himself at odds with his old rival, Jeep Limbo, as the two race against time to discover the cause of the sudden reemergence of the once extinct, desert dwelling space beasts, called Broncos.
With both of their space-rigs hijacked and torn to bits by the Broncos, McShane and Limbo are forced to team up as they battle their way to the Bronco lair.
Will they discover the cause for the sudden reemergence of the Broncos?
More importantly, will they be able to work together long enough to do something about it?
Read “Quatro McShane and the Bronco Conspiracy” to find out!

(Image used with the consent of Jeffrey Dong)

Yup, that’s Jeff Dong’s book cover for my shitty Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel idea!

Personally, I think Mr. Dong did a bang up job with his cover, capturing the retardedly bad-ass nature of the characters as well as finding a good representation of the totally nondescript “Broncos” of the title.

Hurray for giant isopods.

Probably my favorite part of the cover though, is Mr. Dong’s representation of the “space rig,” he really took the images straight out of my brain on that one.

Goddamn Quatro McShane is a cool name, hella’ proud of myself on that one…

Praise be to Space Bobcat.

The Great Silver Statue of Space Bobcat amid Mayan Temple Ruins.

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  1. pandasmash says:

    seriously fucking genius

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