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What About the Lysine Contingency…?

Must Run, Can’t Write

Sorry everyone, once again I failed to write a legitimate post for the day.

Oh well, too aggravated/mentally fatigued to write, it’s time to go for a RUN.

That's right, fuck y'all!

Nah’, seriously though, I love you all.

That was just the Irish side of me coming out and bein’ a dick, like he does.

Here’s what the Japanese side has to say:

Wah! Hapi, Hapi, Suupaa Fan Taimu! Ii Desu ne!!!!???

… *Sigh* Honestly, I hate them both unless they’re together.

It’s kind of a George, Elaine, and Jerry sort of dynamic.


Not Jerry 1 and Not Jerry 2 cannot socialize without the presence of a Jerry common to both of them. It's science.

Anyway, time for suicidal run, goodnight all.


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